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As web pages go, this one is probably older than ninety-five percent of the web pages on the Internet. I first constructed this page in October, 1996... so for the last thirteen-plus years, my weather page has provided weather information for Alaskans.

Earlier this year I had to move the page to a new domain... So I have integrated it into some of my other sites, updated the design and features, tested the links... all the things you should do when you maintain a website.

The original page had a lot more narrative and description about what the different tools were... I am going to skip most of that... and assume you know what you're looking for... except to say that the public forecasts and other public information are listed at the very top of the page. The more involved or serious weather hobbyist might want to wade down the page and see what else is there.

If you like this page, I have created pages that offer a mobile phone version of this information. You can find information for Southcentral Alaska Weather here, and Interior Alaska Weather here.

NOTE: the default state of this page is to open the links in a new tab.  The reason is that the way that *I* use the page, I am toggling back and forth between items... so it leaves this page intact, and opens a new tab with the link you click. This may require that you change the pop-up settings on your browser.

Text Products

National Weather Service Forecasts
(click link, forecast appears at right)
Cantwell, Talkeetna, Susitna Valley
Wasilla/Palmer/Matanuska Valley
Tanana Flats - Delta Junction
 Nenana and Clear
Eagle & Fortymile
Circle, Central, CHS Forecast
Anderson, Healy, Denali Park
Eastern Alaska Range, Summit and Mentasta Lakes
Copper River Basin

NWS Text Products
Hourly Weather Summary
Temperature and Precip Bulletin
Special Weather Statements
Public Information Statements
Winter Weather Statements
Other Severe Statements
Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Flash Flood Warning
Tsunami Bulletin
Tsunami Bulletin
Tsunami Watch/Warning
Weather Statements
Weather Underground PWS KORMANNI6
 Weather Underground PWS KAKANCHO336
 Weather Underground PWS KAKKENAI12

Alaskan Seismic Information

Model Graphics
Alaska GFS Alaska Panels CONUS GFS Arctic GFS WrnAtl GFS Atlantic GFS NAM HRRR Alaska Models Menu

GFS Model-derived wind visualization

Satellite images

Weather Maps and MOS

Radar Products

Geostationary Satellite Images

Sectorized GOES images from NOAA/NESDIS
Alaska GOES Picker
Worldwide Geostationary images from Dundee (requires a free account)

Polar-Orbiting Satellite images of Alaska

Polar Orbiter view of All of Alaska
Visible IR
Polar Orbiter view of Southwest Alaska
Visible IR
Polar Orbiter view of Interior and Northern Alaska
Visible IR
Polar Orbiter view of the Bering Strait
Visible IR
Polar Orbiter view of Southeast Alaska
Visible IR

NWS Forecast Discussions


Alaska Hydrology Products

Alaska NEXRAD Products

Site Composite Base Storm Relative
Kenai Loop Loop Latest Loop Loop
Middleton Island Loop Loop Latest Loop Loop
Pedro Dome Loop Loop Latest Loop Loop
King Salmon Loop Loop Latest Loop Loop
Bethel Loop Loop Latest Loop Loop
Nome Loop Loop Latest Loop Loop
Juneau Loop Loop Latest Loop Loop

Other Interesting Radar Sites

Sterling, VA Loop Loop Latest Loop Loop

Alaska Lightning Maps

Alaska Fire Service Interactive Lightning Maps

Other National Weather Service Offices

Sterling, Virginia

NE US GOES 16 Picker

NWS Experimental Data Display

Cool Alaska Links:

Other Weather Links:

This is a list of my weather bookmarks that I use frequently. Some of these contain pages and links referenced above, and some refer to multiple locations at a single site (such as COLA). This is by no means an exhaustive list of weather links. It is intended primarily as a list of links for the serious weather hobbyist or professional to get real-time or near real-time weather information. If you have comments, including URLs for links you think I may be missing, please let me know!

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The author has been interestsed in meteorology since he was a small child in Washington, DC, when as a 5-year old, was dwarfed by the 20-foot plus snow drifts from the blizzard of '66. He was employed in Meteorology in the 1980's but today it has become just a hobby. You can reach the author by clicking here.

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